Home assistant shell command automation example

Home assistant shell command automation example. Sebastian. set_location service with the following service data: data_template: location: "Test" Problem is, the value does update, but it updates to a blank value instead of “Test”? as if the {{ location }} variable has nothing in it. , alias: the shell command you want to execute. state }} This example assumes the my_command script takes the password as primary input This way, I can reuse the template sensor containing my password everywhere I need (until it’s directly supported to use secrets in the shell_command itself), without Command line sensor vs. But you should be able to use the shell_command to issue just the command for each AP separately, without the script behind it, with a simple weekly scheduled automation, i. You can also use the homeassistant. py +5". HA statenode in node red is set up like this. txt file is generated (also, I don’t see any log files that would indicate The simplest way to create automations is to use the Home Assistant automation editor. then in your configuration. Jan 21, 2024 · Hi, Maybe someone can help. In case ‘device_tracker. quad1 action: service: shell_command A command_line cover platform that issues specific commands when it is moved up, down and stopped. shell_command: show_toast_command: 'ls -l {{ dir }}' Sep 10, 2018 · The command uses netcat (nc) to open a TCP connection to the host/port and sends the byte sequence “B1,B2” to that port. and saved in /root/config/. yaml” file) with last_notification that is supposed to catch this notification and launch the action Sep 15, 2020 · Configuration Frontend. Jul 8, 2022 · I would think you should use the Shell Command integration instead of the Command line Switch integration. Then all I need is to toggle the switch in an automation which runs daily. # Example configuration. password. You will also need to make sure you have whitelisted the directory: homeassistant: whitelist_external_dirs: - /config/tensorflow/. I’ve tried to setup a service using the TCP setup in configuration. To view the changes, go to Settings > Devices & services > Entities. To enable this integration, add the following lines to your configuration. jefish January 22, 2022, 9:45pm 3. You can do this with the linux command ‘mv’. then in that folder create some yaml file (we’ll call it “weather. When the script is executed within an automation, the trigger variable is available. I suggest you move the files instead of copying and deleting. For example i want to read the value inside key ‘value’ which is 255. txt is in the home folder. Mar 3, 2021 · Instructions on how to integrate Shell commands into Home Assistant. It scores internal on our quality scale . yaml but this only exposes the service as a state. It’s used like this: mv source destination. before the automation i want to make sure the curl working preperly from HA. addon_stdin service to expose a shell interface to Home Assistant. components. Working with a consolidated configuration, I have: automation: - id: Bulk Quad Detector alias: Bulk Quad Detector hide_entity: true trigger: - platform: event event_type: zwave. I missed that in the example above, they did it in a slightly different way: duration: >. For this I defined a notification that is sent to my phone when the Smart tag button is pressed. yaml and pointing directly to the shell_command_wol. yaml to send SMS Like this: shell_command: openvindu: bash /config/sms. So in your case, your alias is “call_remote”. yaml file but does not execute. ac_temperature action : service : shell_command. In HA there’s a input select created in HA ( in config. What happens is if my alarm is triggered, my router uses one analog line to call my other line (both VoIP) and then, if the Fritz detects the call is from the VoIP number, it goes to an answering machine and forwards the email to a gmail I setup just for getting these emails. m00st (Maarten) January 31, 2024, 10:03am 7. Mar 12, 2024 · Hi, I’ve some automation that triggers when a Twitch Streamer goes online. EG The service notify. Also, it has advantages on handling the results. If that works you can start debugging your commands. After that, you can address the scripts: Sep 14, 2019 · Instructions on how to integrate Shell commands into Home Assistant. I’ve got a webhook automation which uses curl through a shell_command to trigger an external API server which does stuff to a variety of things. I have started a project called NetDaemon (influenced by the great project appdaemon) that is an application abstraction layer that let you create apps in c# and . yaml file: Scripts are a sequence of actions that Home Assistant will execute. yaml, I run the script and pass the arguments to it: Python Scripts. shh Dec 19, 2023 · I using some shell commands and rest command defined into configuration. If you want the automation to run every x minutes, you’ll want to use something like '/15'. Nov 25, 2017 · I can’t seem to get my shell command to run, and I’m not sure why. Dec 19, 2023 · Sticking with your current structure format you should be able to create a folder called “templates” under your “entities” folder (so /entities/templates). What I’ve done is the following: Create a switch in configuration. initial: Lots More Text4. input_text: text4: name: Text 4. 60. This is particularly helpful when you want to execute custom scripts or commands from automations. In the Device dropdown menu. I’ve tried a few approaches all of which have failed. cam_capture; The automation at the chalet works fine. This is a list of the most popular blueprints in the Blueprint Exchange category on the forums. sh {{command}} Then from an automation: action: Apr 18, 2020 · I am still having problem on using shell command on my home assistant. So an automation or triggered template sensor that calls the state command regularly. May 10, 2018 · Which explains why curl with -k option (insecure) works. So you could just have aliases of “service1_call_remote” and “service2_call_remote”, as in: shell_command: service1_call_remote May 11, 2023 · I have a light that I can query the on/off state and also send commands via TCP. me’ change to ‘home’. yaml file I’ve added: # expose shell commands: shell_command: ha_gitpush: "/config/ha_gitpush. I then tried to setup a ‘switch Oct 31, 2016 · Another option would be to use command_line switches, although that would be more complicated to trigger with an automation rule. Now copy the key over to the other machine you want to issue commands on. The file test. Nov 25, 2018 · I have automation for my Home Energy Meter (HEM) energy events. The action of an automation rule is what is being executed when a rule fires. You can also use a RESTful Switch if the thing can be turned on and off via URL. 23 -b <myname> -c <my_password>" Ive tried the above with single quotes and no quotes and taking the entry in the configuration. ) September 15, 2020, 8:25am 1. 7, and it's used by 99. I’m thinking it’s my syntax in the shell_command causing me the issues, but I’ve spent ages trying all the different combinations I can think of, and scoured Jan 10, 2020 · in a file in the shell_commands folder is a yaml called shell_command_wol. and. The shell_command: set_ac_to_slider: is defined in the automation itself. You may find a working example of a sensor using curl: Oct 20, 2022 · I want to be able to remotely trigger a webhook, and return data to the caller from the called shell_command. Execute CURL command (only one execute). Shell commands runs in a restricted environment that doesn’t allow expanding the home director (~) or piping output of one command into another. A few last things to be aware of. I add the command in the following location: Automation & Scenes, I have created a new automation and then I create a Dec 27, 2017 · Hi All, (running on Home Assistant 0. The problem comes with automating it with HA. I’m thinking it’s my syntax in the shell_command causing me the issues, but I’ve spent ages trying all the different combinations I can think of, and scoured The Automation system was introduced in Home Assistant 0. yaml: - platform: command_line. Configuration. Nov 17, 2018 · hastebin yaml and relevant log. There might be a better way to trigger an update, perhaps by calling a service. Sep 12, 2022 · Oh wow this seems to work way Easier than CATT using the shell command. It’s all academic now as I have realised I can do this a lot simpler with shell_command. Your current trigger will trigger at fifteen minutes past every hour. sh Oct 31, 2017 · When doing so, the automation service command never fires. logger: default: info logs: homeassistant. You can also call Jan 22, 2023 · Create a button card and select the Button Entity (created above). segalion (Segalion) October 9, 2018, 10:18am 3. 0 on a Pi3) I am trying, to no avail, to get command-line arguments passed to my shell script. slodank March 3, 2021, 5:22am Apr 20, 2021 · Does it execute via the services tab in the interface? It also may need to have shell_scripts whitelisted, or put it inside the www directory (which is inside the same directory as configuration. # Apply value of a GUI slider to the shell_command automation : - alias : " run_set_ac" trigger : platform : state entity_id : input_number. I’m wondering how I can program a shell command to operate a script to command HeyU. me’ is other then ‘home’. I’m pretty new to this and I’ve worked through just about every kind of shell command structure in HA to get this working. alias: ‘Run Python script once a day’ trigger: platform: time at: ‘8:05:00 PM’ action: service: shell_command. Mar 8, 2020 · Instructions on how to integrate Shell commands into Home Assistant. If you just want to hit a URL to tell another application something happened you can use either REST command or Notify REST. Assuming that the library does what you need just the integration doesn’t. yaml you create a shell command with your script. yaml add an !include to that folder: Jan 9, 2017 · The first thing I would do to test it is something that shouldn’t ever fail no matter the user: shell_command: - test: touch /tmp/hass-shell-command-test. yaml but it still doesn Feb 20, 2019 · It clears the complete inbox which is what I wanted. Not your automations. Here’s an example I have of one shell_command that passes arguments to a script that talks to another device on my network: shell_command: ievent: bash /home/pi/scripts/ievent. It doesn’t seem that the variable is being used in the command, but from the log I can see that the variable seems to be being passed correctly. data: Mar 9, 2023 · Hi – I am trying to run a shell script file as part of an automation. I have an Installation of Home Assistant with remote shell commands that’s working fine. execute CURL command (only one execute). yaml shell_command: android: echo “Hello Android” >> /home/test. davidmarli (davidmarli) March 15, 2024, 9:18pm 1. 1. All automations are made up of a trigger and an action. The action part follows the script syntax which can be used to interact with anything via services or events. Yeah thanks I knew about the shell command which was why I was asking about Apr 16, 2022 · I have a couple of TTLOCKs and a Gateway which I’m trying to access using HA, with no formal integration support. Bitdevil March 8, 2020, 1:15pm 3. 0. show_toast_command data_template: message: ‘test’ the only parameter shell_command supports is alias… but the main issue is your command is executed as-is and there is no attempt to parse a template… UPDATE: I created a simple shell_command. Hi Guys, I’m tyring to execute a docker exec command via a shell command. configuration. Jan 9, 2022 · The commands to turn the screen off/on are: sudo vcgencmd display_power 0. I find several guides on how to run shell commands but they all refer to HA installed in Docker (for example this one). To do this I try to use the integrated shell_command. There is no mention of mandatory authentication at Shell Command - Home Assistant I want to shutdown my Windows PC or during testing just to create a directory. One possible solution would be to ssh from the container to the host and run your command that way. It will call the service and not have a state as you want. Unfortunately, the documentation is not very extensive on this, and one post points out that Developers’ Tools use a routine slightly different from automations to implement this, which causes confusion. (and by the way this is very handy) Apr 9, 2020 · service: shell_command. Dec 17, 2023 · service: shell_command. The scripts are run in a sandboxed environment. My HA OS instance is a VM inside Proxmox. The good news is now I know how to use both. For example, to set an automation triggered by a double press of a particular Shelly Button1: In the Triggers section of the automation, set Trigger Type to Device. The sh-File Telnet. It works perfectly fine from the command line. This is an example of a shell command used in conjunction with an input helper and an automation. shell_command: run_backup_script: “touch /media/test33. Below is an example of the commands I want running in pi: shell_command: engage_HeyU: “HeyU start” Light Aug 4, 2023 · If I could mark it as my solution, I would. I been able to ssh in my home assistant core : ssh [email protected] than i created a key with: ssh-keygen -t ed25519. 50. So you can use a shell command which actually ssh’s into that add-on and executes your delete command there by passing it into mysql. g. Set its scan_interval to 86400 seconds so it fires just once a day. sudo vcgencmd display_power 1. Take for example the automation: When Paulus arrives home and it is after sunset: Turn the lights on in the living room. update_entity . Then activate it via the webui and see if the file appears. I added this to my config: shell_command: pi_fan_pigpio_faster: "/usr/share/hassio/homeassistant/pi_fan_pigpio. I want to use an automation to copy files from HA to a mounted directory (a Win PC). Low battery level detection & notification for all battery sensors. sh". Optionally combined with a condition. Automation. I’m stuck! The API Dec 8, 2018 · here is a simple node red flow for a sonoff switch (tasmota) using node red , big timer and a HA state node. The problem is that it is clearly not what’s suggested in HA documentation: Shell Command - Home Assistant (see AUTOMATION EXAMPLE paragraph). NET. Mar 25, 2022 · That’s because shell commands run inside the homeassistant container, but the ha command is not available there. I have also Jul 11, 2022 · I’m trying to initiate a curl command using an HA automation. This integration allows you to write Python scripts that are exposed as services in Home Assistant. I have home assistant installed on proxmox with ip 10. Instructions on how to setup automation within Home Assistant. 22. sudo -u homeassistant -H -s. Here’s an example: Shell commands into Home Oct 1, 2018 · Hey All New to home assistent, everything is op and running and trying to make first automation. Restart is done. sh "{{ value }}" Within the sh file I want to execute a docker exec command to control a docker container which is running on Home Assistant. :bulb: Sensor Light - Motion Sensor - Door Sensor - Sun Elevation - LUX Value - Scenes - Time - Light Control - Device Tracker - Night Lights automation switch lights blueprint time. With an additional template switch you could grab both the command_state from the command_line switch, and the state of a binary_sensor if needed. Also the combination of the Catt-fix and the swipe navigation to navigate between dashboards is awesome! Instead of the script I configured an automation based on a blueprint I used to have for the home assistant cast. Sep 11, 2023 · Hi For the moment my PC running, Debian & HA supervisor is in a small upstairs room , second house, 400 kms away Now while all works well, in the latest heat wave that particulier room and the PC get extremely hot and the PC shuts down because it’s overheating. What I’d like to do is when a button is pressed, that command is sent and the light state changes. I’m able to control HeyU from the pi@homeassistant directory, but Hassbian isn’t talking to it. Shell Command: Home Assistant Mar 20, 2021 · I have found at least a dozen posts on trying to pass data to shell_command using a service call, and it seems to be a common problem to get all of the delimiters right. Enter, Enter, Enter past the ID name, Password, confirm password. This is the only situation I’ve personally run into so far where you have a command working in portainer that doesn’t work May 14, 2021 · Everything works if I change my line in my config file to a static test, e. In the automation’s action part, you call the shell command. description: >-. yaml at home. Then in scripts. and finally config. bat (this sends http curl as the same in the rest command) and notify: &hellip; Jan 4, 2022 · You just need to define the shell commands using the Shell Command integration, and then create an automation to call the appropriate service, which it looks like you’ve done. yaml entry wake_on_lan: Feb 22, 2020 · Here’s an (untested) idea, create an automation that runs periodically, but only during daylight hours, and updates your RESTful sensor via a service call to homeassistant. After changing the configuration. This allows you to execute commands and scripts within the SSH & Web Terminal add-on, straight from Home Assistant. Hi, Did you restart home assistant after creating your shell commands? Feb 4, 2021 · The SSH & Web Terminal add-on comes with mysql installed. EDIT: Feb 24, 2023 · Share your Projects! qrioniclabs (Qrionic Labs) February 24, 2023, 8:39pm 1. When I answer with “Yes”, a shell_command will be executed by the automation. Now I’m moving to other system and can’t execute that same commands: Sample: c&hellip; Jan 8, 2018 · name: MQTT Sign Line5. info on actual state. Why the restful command is trying to make a secure connection to an http address on the other hand is a mystery. yaml: reboot_button: Oct 8, 2018 · You should use command_line component (instead of shell_command), store its output as sensor state and have several automations triggering on state changes for the above sensor with conditions on the different output values of the sensor invoking different services for different values. But if I want to pass the value from my slider entity trinnov_volume to dynamically replace that -35, it falls over …. set_ac_to_slider input_number : ac_temperature : name : Feb 17, 2024 · I defined a script that uses a shell_command (curl hiting a URL) to open the garage door. Now I want to trigger this with a Samsung Smart tag. CentralCommand: May 20, 2021 · You will have to configure something in YAML first. This shell_command calls a script on a remote PC (on same network) and starts the recording of the desired stream, until the streamer Nov 25, 2019 · I have tested the script in services by calling the shell_command. Shell command. Jul 19, 2018 · Once we’re able to see your YAML code correctly we’ll be able to help. Use your existing RESTful sensor. ssh-keygen -t rsa. I can use the same exact shell command in a standard command_line switch and it easily executes. sh " { { arguments }}" In the automations. py -3". yaml”). Example automation running my_command: Nov 24, 2023 · Hi everyone, I have a shell command, which runs fine from the ssh inside Home Assistant OS, but fails when started from an automation. Tried also the python script system but it’s same nightmare as netcat. sh -a 192. 10. pi_fan_pigpio_slower: "/usr/share/hassio/homeassistant/pi_fan_pigpio. Then you can create an automation that runs every 15 hours (or maybe every 12, which would probably be simpler) that calls that service. , curl) with a toggle switch (and you may be able to automate the triggering of that switch via an automation rule). sh {{ states. 1244×352 14 KB. klogg (Klogg) September 14, 2019, 3:27pm 3. I used a similar trick a while ago when I was trying to figure out how to backup my Nginx Proxy Manager config without actually backing up the MariaDB Nov 30, 2022 · Give the shell command a name (alias) as a variable and set the command you want to execute after the colon. 2. I am only able to access the dict behind stdout with " { { status [‘stdout’] }} " but Jan 22, 2022 · The first (shell) is more general, but requires the existence of additional software on the HA host, while the second is more specific and (probably) uses „native“ functions from the HA software stack. The telnet switch integration allows you to control devices with telnet commands. e. ssh/id_rsa ~/config/ssh you must have created the ssh directory in config first (mkdir ~/config/ssh) or use file editor in ha, or else it will copy the id_rsa file and create a file named ssh (copy of id_rsa) in config directory. sensor. Hopefully someone can see what needs correcting. Here is my config: script: vpn_on: alias: Turn VPN on sequence: - service: shell_command. Got the device tracker up running to pull info from my router, Dashboard is seeing my network items. hem_energy action: service: notify. The code below is in the automations. Now I do the same step above but under the home assistant user / environement. I guess there’s a problem with authentication. It’s designed to register a service that can be called from a script or automation. It allows anyone to integrate any type of cover into Home Assistant that can be controlled from the command line. I want to run a curl command and the command I have works fine in the terminal. switches: kodi_reboot: command_on: ssh -i /config/ssh/id_rsa <IP Address> "systemctl restart kodi". 10 on a vm 10. vpn_on shell_command: vpn_on: ssh user1@192. backup. If you are using a command_line switch, something similar is value_template for the info, but then command_state will be ignored. yaml input select set up. Push all configuration files (as specified in /config Mar 29, 2024 · Good morning, i need help to access diffent keys in dict inside the respons_variable of shell_command. I came across a couple of posts there were quite helpful (including this and this) and they gave me some confidence that Rest or Restful command is the right Nov 26, 2020 · This add-on uses the hassio. when ‘device_tracker. It is not just an API Dec 8, 2021 · Hi, Sorry to bother but this is driving me crazy. In past times I used a shell_command to Nov 14, 2023 · The script works perfectly when running it manually from the command line (via the Terminal add-on) In my configuration. If anybody could kindly give me some help, I May 7, 2020 · Switched everything to use shell_command:. Each Python file created in the <config>/python_scripts/ folder will be exposed as a service. I have the add on " SSH & Web Terminal" installed in HA. yaml is in) Dec 13, 2022 · turn_off command. update_entity service to update this state after your turn on and turn off commands so that you don’t have to wait for the sensor to be polled (possibly causing bouncing of the switch state in the dashboard). It asks me via Android actionable notification if I’d like to start some recording of the stream. {% set value = buffer if current == 0 else current %} {{ {'value': value / flow } }} I’m trying to pass a response_variable from one script to another via an automation. The content is not cached so you can easily develop: edit file, save changes, call service. a command_line switch allows you to run shell command (i. The automation looks like: automation 22: alias: 'HEM Energy Event' trigger: platform: state entity_id: sensor. 110 44100. Example: shell_command: myfox: /bin/bash /config/myfox_ini. May 11, 2022 · Hi All, I am very new to Home Assistant (and using YAML) and I am having troubles with the shell_command. find the Shelly Button1. In order to achieve this from a docker environment I use a Python file to get this done but the automation would&hellip; May 25, 2022 · HA uses telnetlib in its telnet integration so you can write a python script that depends on that library, its available in HA’s docker container. 1&hellip; Jul 1, 2020 · Hi everyone, I just started on Home Assistant a few weeks back, so I’m quite new to this. You can of course also just have a shell_command. 168. The first switch (Happy Birthday) works perfectly but Line5 only sends ‘ON’ not the text I have in the input_text - the template works fine in the template tester, I get no errors in the log. For services, you can specify the entity_id that it should apply to and optional service parameters (to specify for example the brightness). the first line from the logger at 14:36:32 uses the templating shell_command which does not control my IP device as expected. a version of: Sep 6, 2017 · Hi everyone. You can call this command from an automation or a Lovelace button as a service. Jan 6, 2019 · type exit to exit the ssh connection. Oct 2, 2016 · shell_command: execute_with_password: bash my_command. Mar 11, 2022 · It works when called from a terminal connection to my pi. EG looks like: To use this integration in your installation, add the following to your configuration. yaml) to choose one of 3 states thats pushed to big timer. In my automation yaml file: alias: HA Push to Github. shell_command: debug For ease of testing, I made a script I can trigger on demand. To enable a command line cover in your installation, add the following to your configuration. 1 Like. yaml. This is Mar 15, 2024 · Shell command in automation. Apr 3, 2020 · On ‘Hassio’ you might not be able to get access to ‘enough’ of the underlying system to set up your full bash script. e. net core that takes care of automation logic just like appdaemon. But - whether it is hosted via Home Assistant’s MariaDB addon or externally - I was always baffled by the fact that there was no sleek way to insert data from Home Assistant. Hi! I like storing data in my own MySQL database. The one at home gives an error: May 28, 2020 · It deletes all files older than 5 days. MartinKuhl (Martin K. cam_capture; automations. To have a switch in the UI, create an input_boolean and add an automation that triggers when its state changes. There seems to be an issue with automation->action->service->shell_command or shell_command component in general but I’d guess there’s be a lot more folks posting the problem. yaml containing: shutdown_john: ". yaml: automation: !include automations. I’m struggling with some issues on HeyU and Hassbian talking nicely with each other. . View source on GitHub View known issues. If the file is run using the Terminal and SSH add-on it works fine. run_backup_script data: {} And the following defined in the configuration. ac_on. id: ‘my_host_script_id’ alias: Run my_host_script on host every 5 minutes trigger: platform: time_pattern minutes: ‘/5’ seconds: 0 action: service: shell_command. See Available-Trigger-Data. Scripts are available as an entity through the standalone Script integration but can also be embedded in automations and Alexa/Amazon Echo configurations. Here is my code an the return inside respons_variable status. The command works without any problems in the HA … Mar 22, 2022 · Here is what I am using (not sure this is what you are looking for), in configuration. We can break up this automation into the following three parts: The first part is the trigger of the May 29, 2023 · Shell commands go in your configuration. Having said that, best I can tell is that you need to change your shell_command to: shell_command: ac_on: "curl -X POST -d '{{ data }}' {{ url }}" and the corresponding automation action should be: action: - service: shell_command. I am trying to use Restful command to send a notification within an Automation (when a sensor is triggered), but I can’t seem to get it right. scene_activated event_data: entity_id: zwave. shell_command: set_volume_to_slider: echo -e 'id Trinnov; volume -35 ;' | nc 192. 3% of the active installations. Tiny PC no fans 🙁 Now I written the following script, shutting down the PC before it’s gets really to hot which works, but it Jan 31, 2017 · I have some shell commands that accept arguments, but I haven’t set one that pulls a value from a template. May 14, 2020 · I wanted it to be a one-time switch, so when pressed, immediately returning to the off state. Sep 1, 2019 · I tried for several hours create automation for below scenarios: 1. But all of these options must be configured in YAML first. I can successfully connect to the locks from the command line with curl as per the TTLOCK API docs, so I know it’s possible. yaml file, restart Home Assistant to apply the changes. I’ll use rest commands if I ever need to do real GET or POST REST API commands. and…. When executing this command, cp ~/. Understanding automations. The API server takes between 3-5 seconds to return the results of the stuff it does, and depending on the stuff it does the results are Feb 11, 2022 · For anyone following the siytek guide, I found a detailed missing that may cause 255 code to be thrown. Apr 12, 2023 · You will need an entity for the switch state. txt” The automation does find the shell command, but no test33. Aug 1, 2022 · I have an automation like this: action: service: shell_command. /scripts/shutdown. Under the Tap Action click the drop down and select call service to trigger the automation to lock/unlock door. Also defined an automation (inside “automations. txt automations Mar 22, 2021 · I have now added the shell_command logger to my config. But my main language is C# and . I found a lot of examples with selective deletes. g May 28, 2020 · It deletes all files older than 5 days. shell_command: XY: bash /config/docker. g Mar 14, 2020 · Hi, I just love Home Assistant and I even contributed to the product (Swedish weather service integration). I use the GUI a fair bit in home assistant so I may be adding this in the wrong location. yaml file. Mar 24, 2023 · Hi, So I’ve been trying to get an automation working which should delete old backups using Shell Commands. dw oj rs el lo zt uw ym ta pn